Located on the east side of South Dakota, Sioux Falls is home to fascinating nature, culture, and history. From the amazing falls part to its fine architecture, Sioux Falls full fills in all aspects (cultural and natural). You may want to have more time to tour the sights and explore places that make South Dakota special.

Explore amazing things to do in Sioux Falls, with this list of top attraction sites.

Explore the falls at fall park

Definitely, the first place to explore in Sioux falls is to visit the falls themselves. Situated on a 123-acre piece of land and is the top attraction of Dakota, the triple waterfall has been a focal point since the city’s inauguration in 1856. Relaxing in the park and enjoying the pounding sound as the water hit the rocks is a rare experience that will live in your memories. Additionally, the falls and the spectacular nature provide wonderful photography opportunities.

Other than admiring the uproar speed of water you can see the famous Queen Bee Mill or visit the observation tower.

Old Courthouse Museum

Housed in a 19th-century building, the historic museum served as the first Minnehaha County courthouse. The building was converted into a museum in 1974. There are various interesting features inside this old courthouse, which include stained glass windows, granite pillars, and a tiled fireplace. The building itself is the real attraction. Entry is free and donations are accepted.

Go to church at St. Joseph Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Joseph is more than a church- its also a civic landmark you can visit. Soaring the skyline this Romanesque structure is an eye-catching attraction. A renowned architect designed the building, but unfortunately, he died before the cathedral was complete. Guided visits are available throughout the week and anyone can attend the service during scheduled times.

Visit the Butterfly House & Aquarium

The butterfly house is located on the southwest side of Sioux fall in Sertoma city park. This one of a kind attraction is home to over 800 species of butterflies from all over the world.

Entry is free for kids below two years but has charges for children(3-12)($9), youths($12), and senior adults(60 years and above) ($11). The fee covers access to the saltwater aquarium. Be sure not to touch them but enjoy the experience.

SculptureWalk Sioux Falls

Each year, artists from all over the world come to exhibit their sculpture in designated areas along the streets. If you walk around you will see art all over town, the Sculpture Walk has made a unique art scene since its invention in 2004. Visitors can get an online map to enjoy a self-guided tour. All sculptures are available for sale, you can check for specific events.

You’ll never run out of things to do in Sioux Falls. Whether your visit is for work or vacation, there are good hotels, with comfortable rooms and cozy beds. No matter where you stay, you won’t be far from something worth exploring. lastly, whether you are a nature enthusiast or a culture fanatic, Sioux falls has the best attractions for you.


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